Paraneoplastic cerebellar degeneration preceding diagnosis of breast adenocarcinoma


  • Milton César Rodrigues Medeiros
  • Milton Takeshi Medeiros
  • Damacio Ramon Kaimen Maciel



paraneoplastic syndromes, cerebellum, immune-mediated disease, gynecological cancer, cerebellar ataxia


We report a case of a 40 years old patient presenting with paraneoplastic cerebellar degeneration. The diagnosis was made based on the clinical picture of axial and appendicular ataxia, associated with findings on MRI and confirmed by the presence of anti-Yo and anti-Ri antibodies in cerebral spine fluid. From this diagnosis, the search for neoplasm began. An invasive carcinoma was then detected by breast biopsy. Surgical treatment was then carried out with subsequent chemotherapy and radiotherapy. With specific cancer treatment, there was a significant improvement in cerebellar symptoms. The case described shows the importance of the neurologist keeping paraneoplastic syndrome in mind in their differential diagnosis list for cerebellar symptoms and signs of insidious onset.


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