Child development assessment on preschoolers (3-5 years old) isolated from school in the pandemic


  • Martina Konzen Motiska
  • Magali Quevedo Grave
  • Fernanda Carolina Valler
  • Daniele Nervis
  • Eduardo Périco
  • Lydia Koetz Jaeger
  • Gisele Dhein
  • Tania Cristina Fleig



kindergarten education, socialization, COVID-19, social isolation, physiotherapy


Introduction. Covid-19 has led education networks to adapt their methodologies, using online resources to communicate with students. Objective. To evaluate the psychomotor development on preschoolers (3-5 years old), who returned to kindergarten after an extended absence. Method. Exploratory, descriptive, and cross-sectional study, with quantitative analysis, through Denver II, an assessing protocol for social, language, fine and gross motor skills development in typical children. Results. 34 children participated (average 47.1 months; SD:7.90); 97.05% have skills deficiencies expected for their age groups, with a higher delay prevalence in language, adaptive fine motor, and social skills. Conclusion. School withdrawal led to impairment in the psychomotor acquisition skills on kindergarten children.


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